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Indoor Location System by Uwinloc™

The Innovation: The only IoT indoor location solution using battery-less tags.

Tag your assets, reduce your delays, and optimize your stock flow.

Connected Tag

  • Battery-less
  • Sustainable technology, energy harvesting
  • Flexible and adhesive
  • Small size
  • Large volume and low cost
  • Customizable

Wireless Beacon

  • Wireless network architecture
  • Wi-Fi or Ethernet connectivity
  • Easy to deploy
  • High range distance
  • Suitable for industrial environments

Software Platform

  • Visualized multimedia monitoring
  • 2D and 3D location 
  • Refreshing rate between 1 second and 10 minutes
  • Continuous data analysis
  • Open Platform 
  • Big Data integration with your ERP

The UWINLOC™ solution is an indoor location solution that sets itself apart from existing technologies and disrupts the market.

The innovation connects tags, beacons, a server, and visualization softwareWith its simple installation and ability to track large volumes of all types of assets, the system provides a key solution to creating added value across all industries.



Indoor Location for tools and spare parts for automated inventory
  • Optimal costs for assets management
  • Continuous and digitalized inventory
  • Reduced setbacks & delays
  • Software management tools to meet corporate & organizational production goals
  • Scheduled maintenance


Continuous inventory and flow monitoring. Stocking zone and delivery time optimization.
  • Continuous asset monitoring
  • Reduced costs from reduced delays (quicker deliveries)
  • Automatic scheduled maintenance recommendations
  • Boost in productivity to improve the Supply Chain
  • Optimized space management

Retail & E-Commerce

Continuously tracking packages, monitoring deliveries and data
  • Accurate tracking of packages in stores and warehouses
    Optimized stock replenishment and forecast reports based on collected data
    Data mining overview and analysis


Tracking equipment and medical devices in hospitals, clinics and all other health facilities.
  • Accurate positioning of medical equipment for all types of health care facilities
    Connected solution providing a vital role for efficient patient care

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Tag your assets, reduce your delays, and optimize your stock flow with Uwinloc Africa